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The best offers

You can find the best offers on the yachts and catamarans rental in our catalogues. FetiD&A Travel company also offers to you the impressive option of ready cruise tours and individual trips routes on which you can get independently as well as with our skipper.

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Yacht or catamaran rental for the trip can be more profit financially making decision than the rest at a hotel with excursions and restaurants trips. And you will experience much more rich emotions and impressions from the sea voyage.


The rest on the yacht will not allow your muscles to feel bored. It is something to be firm on legs when the water-craft is wallowing and list the deck! You will find great enjoyment in sailing, commanding the yacht and will sweetly fall asleep at night under the scrape of cables and water splash that hits the board. You will certainly relax your mind and body will remain toned.

Freedom and diversity

Total freedom of choice – you can arrange the route by yourself and choose the necessary parts of the tour and FetiD&A Travel company will be pleased to help you in this question! Personal approach to the management will allow you to carry out the trip of the dream with unforgettable experience.


Tours catalogue

You can choose one of the popular tours or entrust the trip management to FetiD&A Travel company. We will arrange the appropriate cruise route on the basis of your preferences and provide the rendering of all requested services during the trip.

The most popular destination for sea voyages is the Greek islands. It is the country that washed by three seas and has impressive cultural heritage and no less impressive nature; also it consists of 2000 islands! Each of Greek islands is unique and can boast of distinctive charm. The short review of the most popular Greek islands you can find in our site.

Individual tour

Individual sea voyage will allow you to choose not only the yacht or catamaran for the rental but arrange the most interesting route in your opinion. You can specify it in advance or sail whenever you want but along with this it is necessary to mention the additional expenses during the border crossing of some water area. All information of interest concerning this question will be provided to you by the experts of FetiD&A Travel.

Yachts and catamarans are usually rented from Saturday till Saturday for 1,2,3 weeks. Give us the call and we are excited to answer all the questions and manage the trip of your dream.


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About us

FetiD&A Travel is the team of motivated experts. We like to travel and improve the formula of ideal rest. Having adopted the best practices of foreign partners on the sea voyages management we fitted it to our market. Choosing FetiD&A Travel you get the perfect service on the yacht rental and cruises management. We match to you the yacht or catamaran for the trip, recommend interesting routes, provide the transfer, assist in visa processing and getting the air tickets. You will not have to worry about anything with us, because our aim is your ideal trip!

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